Beneficiary Stories

2023 sees the Muscle Help Foundation (MHF) charity celebrate 20 years! Part of this milestone anniversary year is a focus on storytelling, a powerful tool that can influence behaviours, change mindsets and move people to take action. Whilst storytelling has been a thing for thousands of years, it's never been more important in today's digital age - it is a privilege to share these stories with you.

We recognise that it's never been easier to get one's message out there via social media, video and so on but the reality is that because there's so much noise and everyone is distracted, it's never been harder to get people to listen, to care or to take action.

In 2023, MHF is taking action - we know that stories have to cut through which is why we have highlighted below several, drawn from conversations with beneficiaries and their families, that powerfully illustrate through personal insights, emotions and feelings why our work matters and how you can support our #powerof657 mission.

We know that every story starts with a hero. We know each of our Muscle Warrior hero's below will inspire and motivate you to get involved in supporting our 657 journey. We know that the messages within these case studies, our hero's messages, have the power to change people's lives. We know that when a Muscle Warrior shares how their Muscle Dream made them feel, how it gave them hope, changed their lives, gave them purpose, it has a much wider impact on others living with Muscular Dystrophy and can often motivate people to donate and support the charity's efforts to fulfil many more Muscle Dreams.

Each story below powerfully brings our charity's 657 message to life - we want you to know that MHF is committed to delivering 657 transformational 'Muscle Dream' interventions, otherwise known as experiences or moments-in-time in the UK for children, young people and young adults (8-28yrs), and their families living with Muscular Dystrophy (MD). You may ask why 657? Well that's one life-changing experience for every muscle in the human body.

For the charity's beneficiaries, every Muscle Dream is an opportunity to realise their potential - for their family and friends, each one opens up a support network of like-minded individuals. By default, everyone who takes part in a Muscle Dream joins our our tribe of Muscle Warriors and becomes part of a very positive and unique community. Below, you will have the opportunity to read about the impact that some of these experiences have had directly on the lives of some extraordinary beneficiaries and their families for whom we are very grateful to for allowing their stories to be told in this way - as we say, that's the #powerof657.


Beneficiary Name: Amandeep
Muscle Dream Number: 425th
Date: March 2022

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Beneficiary Name: Alex
Muscle Dream Number: 149th
Date: June 2013

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Beneficiary Name: Izzy
Muscle Dream Number: 214th
Date: June 2016

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Beneficiary Name: Jimoh (aka Junior)
Muscle Dream Number: 217th
Date: June 2016

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Beneficiary Name: Max
Muscle Dream Number: 300th
Date: Dec 2019

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Beneficiary Name: Sophie & James
Muscle Dream Number: 431st & 432nd
Date: Dec 2019

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Beneficiary Name: Leah
Muscle Dream Number: 207th
Date: June 2023

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Beneficiary Name: Finley
Muscle Warriors Powerchair Football Club Player
Date: July 2023

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Beneficiary Name: Sulaiman
Muscle Dream Number: 119th

Date: August 2023

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