Uplifting Restorative Experience

Designed to lift weary spirits as a consequence of the ongoing pandemic and further restrictions, this tranquil and mesmerising Muscle Dream Christmas Day experiential gift came about after a reflective moment, where planets aligned, compelling our CEO to reach out to someone he had known some 25 years ago – after a conversation with award-winning British designer and inventor Tom Lawton, the rest as they say is history!

“I know that all members of the Muscle Warriors Powerchair Football family have been missing their football terribly this year due to the pandemic. As we move through Christmas and towards the start of 2021, I wanted to deliver an experiential Muscle Dream intervention like no other – in discovering Uplift, I knew that here was something that would help lift spirits in a mindful way.

I know that many have found this year challenging, tiring, and exhausting. Many want to move on, forget 2020 and look to the future. Yes, we must be positive, and we must hold on to hope. After all, Muscle Warriors are ‘stronger together’ but also part of a tribe where that spirit of togetherness and that sense of belonging, in being part of ‘a family within a family’ burns brightly.

The charity’s social currency is underpinned by the notion that an experience that empowers, can be a moment in time that gives hope – if there was a prescription to help lighten a person’s mood, soothe their soul, calm their spirit, and improve their mental wellbeing, something that was good for them, not just once but in a timeless, ongoing restorative way, like the warmth of sunshine on your face, I know that GP’s across the land would be inundated!

Evoking the joy of a Muscle Dream, I hope that the experience of Uplift, made with oceans of love, will help to recharge, and fuel the wellbeing of nine extraordinarily deserving young people and their families.

I learned from Tom that his Grandma was the inspiration behind Uplift and I’ve no doubt that she would be so very proud that her grandson is now a fully-fledged Muscle Warrior! Time to #beuplifted.

Michael McGrath
CEO, The Muscle Help Foundation

This year’s powerchair football season was suspended outright as a direct result of COVID-19. Whilst the Muscle Help Foundation charity has been kept informed by official statements including a roadmap to return to powerchair football from the Wheelchair Football Association (WFA), we are acutely aware that all grassroots football in England remains postponed for the foreseeable future.

The wellbeing of our Muscle Warriors Powerchair Football community has and will always remain at the forefront of the charity’s thinking. As such, we made the decision to not only end what has been an incredibly tough year for its powerchair football players and their families on an inspiring note but also to ensure that moving into 2021, they would all continue to reap the wonderfully calming, restorative health benefits associated from an uplifting experience that gives back timelessly from dawn to dusk.

“To the players and families in receipt of this surprise experiential Muscle Dream Christmas gift, all we ask is that you share your Uplift pictures with us and let us know how it makes you and your families feel, so we can spread the wellbeing magic across the UK with our wider Muscle Warrior community.

And we would love to know whether you have given a special name to it, where it lives in your home and how it keeps you and your family uplifted.”

Michael McGrath
CEO, The Muscle Help Foundation

Pictured below: award-winning British designer & inventor Tom Lawton with Uplift 2.0

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