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As a direct result of COVID-19, the Muscle Help Foundation charity moved quickly to establish a new virtual initiative called ‘In Conversation With’ (ICW) created with one objective – to help our beneficiaries and families across the country feel less isolated and more connected.

In Conversation With’ (ICW) is an online broadcast initiative made up of standalone episodes where interesting guests and personalities are invited to share positive stories and lockdown insights together with tips and takeaways.

Michael McGrath, CEO, The Muscle Help Foundation said:

“Having distractions and things to look forward to makes life a little easier – that’s why our ‘In Conversation With’ (ICW) broadcast project was conceived. Our beneficiaries and families are vulnerable which is why they have been shielding as I have, since March 2020 – as of January 2021, that’s over 300 days for many!

‘In Conversation With’ (ICW) offers an informal bi-weekly platform where guests, with our audience in mind, share stories and insights – the hosts role is to encourage free-flowing 'long-form' conversations, focusing on different aspects of their lives but also some occasional fun in getting up close and personal.

I wanted it to be a positive, uplifting, interesting and inspirational, enabling our community to directly engage with guests by for example asking questions in real-time – talk about making your audience feel special, connected and very much a part of the conversation.”

“A split screen shows the host alongside the guest who can also include images and video snippets if they wish to support their episode. All viewer activity is monitored, allowing for robust safeguarding. A charity branded backdrop elevates our brand and Stronger Together tagline. We stream live to our Facebook and YouTube channels. We're hoping to also stream on our LinkedIn and Instagram channels.

Episodes are recorded, giving viewers the opportunity to watch at their leisure. The SurveyMonkey feedback ensures we can continue to improve the viewing experience. Metrics such as reach, engagement and thru-plays are recorded, giving the charity a ready-made mechanism to report directly back to funders.

We’re receiving an increasing number of ‘ICW’ requests from our community which is fantastic and whilst it’s not yet reached the heady heights of 'The Graham Norton Show', guests have been confirmed through until the summer of 2021. My instinct is that this initiative will become embedded as a permanent fixture in our delivery schedule for the foreseeable future,” added Michael McGrath.


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SERIES: 2 , EPISODE 1: In Conversation With – Ryan Ramsey 

Kicking off Series 2!
Date: Wednesday 6th January 2021
Time: 7.30pm
Host: Michael McGrath

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SERIES 2, EPISODE 2: In Conversation With – Anthony Davidson

Mercedes-AMG F1 simulator driver & Former F1 Racing Driver
Date: Wednesday 20th January 2021
Time: 7.30pm
Host: Michael McGrath

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SERIES 2, EPISODE 3: In Conversation With – TBC

Date: Wednesday 3rd February 2021
Time: TBC
Host: TBC

SERIES 2, EPISODE 4: In Conversation With – TBC

Date: Wednesday 17th February 2021
Time: TBC
Host: TBC

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