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If you have Muscular Dystrophy or know someone with the condition who is keen to learn more about the brilliant sport of powerchair football, contact us and we’ll look forward to sharing the magic of the beautiful game, plus what it means to be a part of the Muscle Warrior Powerchair Football family! As a direct consequence of COVID-19, the health, safety & wellbeing of our community remains paramount.

Watched powerchair football before?
Want to come along and have a go?
Maybe you would like to get involved as a volunteer or a coach?
Perhaps you have some time to support our Club Secretary in helping with team comms?
Or maybe you want to join the Muscle Warriors PFC as a team player?

Aspire Powerchair Sports Club has four powerchair football teams, namely:

Aspire PFC
Aspire Lions PFC (development)
Evergreen PFC
Muscle Warriors PFC

FACTOIDS ABOUT – Muscle Warriors PFC

  • The charity has a powerchair football club called Muscle Warriors PFC
  • We’re called Muscle Warriors to help promote awareness of our charity
  • Our aim is to deliver 657 Muscle Dreams, one for each muscle in the human body
  • We also want to help raise more awareness of muscular dystrophy across the UK
  • Muscle Warriors PFC won the 2014-15 WFA National Championships
  • The club plays in the National League, the WFA Cup & the South East Regional League
  • You can join our Muscle Warriors PFC Group page on Facebook
  • Our club is affiliated to the Hertfordshire FA and the WFA
  • The team trains at the Oaklands College, St Albans (Hertfordshire)
  • Players travel from Herts, London, Hamps, Berks, Bucks and Beds
  • It’s a team sport for people with disabilities who use powerchairs
  • Most of our young people have muscular dystrophy
  • Players are classified PF1 or PF2 depending on their physical strength
  • We can have a squad of up to to 8 players per game
  • Games last for .40mins with 4 players on the pitch
  • The game is usually played in a gymnasium on a regulation basketball court
  • Powerchairs are equipped with foot-guards to attack, defend and spin-kick
  • Each powerchair can cost up to £9000
  • One 13-inch (330mm) football is used to score goals and these cost approx £65 each
  • The sport improves the self-confidence & self-esteem of our players
  • Participating also improves communication skills (listening & responding) & teamwork
  • Many of our players are often isolated; they do not go out without their family or carers
  • The sport enables supportive friendships to be established and peer support to be gained
  • Our team and club is run solely by parents and volunteers
  • Fundraising events organised by volunteers help towards covering participation costs
  • Generally fundraisers are parents, extended family and friends


2023 / 2024 SEASON

Mitchell Gosling No.1

Ryan O’Leary No.2

Rhys MalletNo.6, Captain

Jacob VickersNo.7

Shay Murray – No.9

Parth Gaikwad – No.13

Gianluca Luisi – No.21

Rikin Shah – No.23

Dillon Parmar – No.24


Elliot Mears* – No.9


Daniel Messenger RIP – No.3

Charlie Wilkinson RIP – No.4

Aaron Small RIP No.5

Matin Nabi RIP – No.12

Barry O’Leary RIP – Manager, Muscle Warriors PFC 2012-2019

Phil Morrell RIP – Coach, Muscle Warriors PFC 2013-2021


Alan Murray
Coach, Muscle Warriors PFC + WFA Referee

Ryan O’Leary
Assistant Coach & Player, Muscle Warriors PFC

Jacob Vickers
Club Secretary, Social Media Advisor Muscle Warriors PFC, M: 07941 002805

Dillon Palmer
Social Media Advisor, Muscle Warriors PFC, M: 07941 002805

Karen O’Leary
Wellbeing & Social Champion, Muscle Warriors PFC, M: 07778 215418

Karen Mallett
Fundraiser, Muscle Warriors PFC

Training Enquiries
Karen McNeill – Aspire Hub Secretary 
Email: karen.mcneill1963@gmail.com

Currently (as of Nov ’23) there is no fixed training venue – this is work-in-progress


The Wheelchair Football Association (The WFA) believes that everyone can play a part in changing lives through the power of football. Powerchair Football is a unique sport that provides opportunities for people with a high level of impairment to access the game of football.  It is the only active team participation sport for people who use electric wheelchairs.

The sport is fast-paced, dynamic and very enjoyable to watch.  Due to the unique nature of the Powerchair Football, it allows all ages, disabilities and both genders to compete together. Powerchair Football enables disabled people to take part in regular activity and provides them with competition – something that the majority will never have, or rarely, experienced before due to their impairment. As a result, it builds key life skills such as teamwork and communication.

Powerchair football creates a great social opportunity for players and their families as they experience the highs and lows of participating in the nation’s favourite sport. It brings strangers together, many of whom have similar stories and life experiences, creating friendships and bonds which last a lifetime.


Heading on over to: www.thewfa.org.uk



Inspiring Hearts, Engaging Minds – People’s Projects


Founder & CEO of  the Muscle Help Foundation charity, Michael McGrath, said:

“Here at The Muscle Help Foundation, we’re continuing to learn about the brilliant sport of powerchair football, increasingly from several of our Muscle Dream beneficiaries who play for different clubs across the UK. The partnership with Aspire Powerchair Sports Club is a special one, underpinned by a deep understanding of the benefits derived by actively participating in sport. Over many years, I’ve witnessed the transformational power of sport, of being a part of a team and having a shared experience – there’s a great synergy, a positive spirit and I’m told by both players and families alike that not only is it a lot of fun but they also feel connected, that there’s a shared sense of community in being a part of a wider ‘family’. This is reinforced by the our STRONGER TOGETHER tagline as well as our distinctive Muscle Warriors club strip. Our transfer window is always open for those that wish to explore what it means to be a Muscle Warrior! Best of luck to the team for the next season!”


Contact us if you would like to come along to one of our training sessions, have a go or simply learn a little more about the Muscle Warrior spirit from those in the team who are actively participating – it’s a fantastic sport, there’s a tremendous team camaraderie and everyone is most welcome! #StrongerTogether

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