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For unique (singular) Muscle Dreams


As you will see from some of the Muscle Dreams we have delivered, we accept nominations of all different shapes and sizes.

Muscle Dreams nomination wait-list update

  • Our Muscle Dream activities have proven to be very popular across the UK evidenced by the number of nominations the charity receives. Whilst this is good news, we have been overwhelmed and as a result, the wait-list we established some years ago, despite best efforts, continues to grow.
  • Whilst our 2019 process remains open for applications, the charity cannot make any guarantees in this financial year ie. 2019/20 as to when we might be able to fulfil any new Muscle Dream nominations.
  • In practice, this will mean that priority will always be given to potential new beneficiaries who for example have not been the recipient of either a unique (singular) Muscle Dream experience or participated on one of our Muscle Dream signature programmes in the last two years.
  • Despite being a very small family charity with extremely limited resources, we are doing our best to reduce this wait-list but as ever, we need your continued help and support. That said, we will always acknowledge Muscle Dream nominations and do our best to help. Thank you for your understanding at this time.

To receive a Muscle Dream you need to be:
Between 8-28 years old
Live in the UK
Have Muscular Dystrophy or a variation of the disease such as DMD, SMA, CMT, LGMD, etc

There are some things you need to know first:
We only deliver Muscle Dreams in the UK
We don’t fund equipment, products or holidays of any description

Send us your ideal Muscle Dream and we will work to try to make this a reality. If we can’t fulfil your first request we will always try to work with you in finding an alternative experience.

If you are under 18 years old, you must be put forward by your parent or guardian. Priority will be given to young people who have not been the recipient of a Muscle Dream in the last 2 years ie. 24 months.
Please use the form below to nominate.


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