In Memory of Donations

It’s always a difficult time when we lose someone, so holding onto memories and finding ways to honour and celebrate their life means everything. Sometimes friends and family want to fundraise to remember someone special and leave a lasting legacy in their name – there are lots of ways to do this.

Ways to remember your loved ones

  • Start a tribute fund:
    This can easily be set up via an online giving platform such as MuchLoved which is a memorial website charity helping bereaved people to create their own personalised and free online tribute sites in memory of a loved one or JustGiving. Simply set up your page, send the link round to family and friends and share on social media. This is a great way to create a personalised tribute fund in memory of your loved one and on the page you can share photos, and memories you have of them, while raising money for our charity.
  • Arrange a funeral collection:
    If you’d like to set up a funeral collection, you can either set this up on a virtual giving page such as JustGiving or you can hand out donation envelopes on the day. Alternatively, your funeral director might be able to support in collecting donations and sending them to us via post.
  • Hold a tribute event:
    When dealing with loss, some people take comfort in holding a tribute event in memory of their loved one. This might be a dinner or themed party, an afternoon tea, a disco or a garden party. Whatever you choose, you can ask guests to make a donation to attend and you could also arrange raffles or competitions that people can also support while they are there.
  • Send an e-card:
    Send an eCard via our charity’s page at DontSendMeACard where you can donate the cost of the card and the stamp to us here at the Muscle Help Foundation charity.
  • Include MHF in your funeral wishes:
    If you want to request that donations are made to us as part of your own funeral wishes, it is important to advise the executors of your will and that this instruction is included in the details of your funeral.


The difference your donation could make

Funds raised help us deliver our wish fulfilment experiences which take place either face to face or sometimes virtually. These are called Muscle Dream interventions and give children and young people (8-28yrs) with Muscular Dystrophy the chance to learn new skills or to do something they may never have thought possible. They cost anything from £150 up to £1500 and more in some cases to deliver.

Over the past 20 years, these memorable moments-in-time have enabled beneficiaries to realise lifelong aspirations that have included:

  • Accessing the sea in a safe, stimulating and rewarding way
  • Taking the controls of a specially built, fully accessible power boat
  • Experiencing an immersive car racing session culminating in a personalised drive around the iconic Silverstone circuit in a Porsche
  • Helping to fly a plane by taking the controls and by default, experiencing level flight
  • Being offered the chance to develop important life skills such as playing an instrument, learning comedy, and singing that will equip young people in their futures


These highly personalised face-to-face interventions take place over the course of a day, sometimes two, and are delivered in-person or, if more appropriate, online as part of an individual virtual experience or as a group.

The charity works closely with trusted partners to make our Muscle Dreams a reality – be that the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone, Laughtercise, Premier League football clubs, celebrities, and many other organisations that help contribute to making these cherished experiences or interventions a reality for our vulnerable beneficiaries.

With your support, the charity’s impact and reach can continue to grow and we can move closer to achieving our overarching mission of delivering 657 Muscle Dreams – that’s one life-changing experience for every muscle in the human body. Thank you.


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