Muscle Dreams

These are the charity’s key fulfillment device, in other words, our core purpose. Muscle Dreams are transformational in nature. Since the charity’s inception, we have witnessed the power of shared experiences and how transformational they can be for beneficiaries, families and communities.

The magic in the Muscle Dream formula is that they are always tailored. This highly personalised approach distinguishes MHF from other wish fulfilment and/or experiential charities in the UK – it is our point of difference, enabling our service to not only stand out but also ensuring prescribed outcomes are achieved.

Today, the charity’s growing impact continues to be felt by beneficiaries and their families across the UK – from improved confidence, greater self-esteem, and an increased sense of hopefulness to a powerful shared identity that connects families, giving a platform to share knowledge, memories and establish lasting friendships.

COVID-19 has not gone away

COVID-19 has not gone away – to directly support the continued wellbeing of our vulnerable beneficiaries and their families during this still challenging time, below is a brief summary of the charity’s key headlines at this time:

  • Our in-person Muscle Dream programme activities in the 2023/24 period are back – we continue to review protocols specifically with suppliers and venues that we may use to ensure that for example good ventilation prevails and that deep clean strategies that hotel housekeeping operations apply are still being adhered to.
  • We will keep our Muscle Warrior community spirit very much alive, by continuing to deliver various online bespoke virtual programmes.
  • Despite being a small charity < only 1 full-time paid member of staff > with extremely limited resources, we remain resolute and determined to continue our vital work.
  • The pandemic put immense pressure on many charity’s – we desperately need help, support and more resources, which we define as money (funding to for example directly support the ongoing delivery of our virtual and in-person programmes), skills (digital communications, graphic design, email campaign marketing, data updating, copy-writing) & time (that most precious of all commodities).
  • Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


“As a paediatrician working within the NHS and with an interest in neuromuscular disability, I come into contact with many people who have various types of muscular dystrophy. Due to the expertise and understanding of those working within The Muscle Help Foundation, I would recommend them beyond any other organisation in delivering amazing experiences to those with muscular dystrophy. They are able to understand both the individual and their families with their needs, which are often complex. They enable an amazing, safe and empowering experience for all involved”

Dr. Rachel Furley BA MB BChir MA MRCPCH

Community Muscle Dream virtual programme nominations

Through our virtual and in-person Muscle Dream programmes, the charity focuses on building a sense of community, by bringing together children, young people and their families, in joining its Muscle Warrior tribe.

Click HERE to find out more about nominating a child or young person (8-28yrs) with muscular dystrophy for one of our upcoming Muscle Dream programme experiences

Unique (singular) virtual Muscle Dream experience nominations

As you will see from some of the previous virtual experiences delivered, the charity accepts nominations of all shapes and sizes, including ones that are unique to an individual child or young person. We always acknowledge new nominations and we will always do our very best to help wherever and whenever we can.

Click HERE to find out more and nominate a child, young person or young adult (8-28yrs) with muscular dystrophy for a unique (singular) Muscle Dream experience.

For an insight into the joy and impact of a Muscle Dream experience, why not subscribe to our dedicated YouTube channel HERE where you can watch a variety of videos that we hope will not only inspire you to perhaps nominate a loved one, but also get involved, volunteer or fundraise for us – as we say, that’s the #powerof657

– Examples of some fufilled Muscle Dream experiences

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