Did you know…

That your 657 muscles enable you to stand, walk, run, swim, write and even express the emotion of happiness by smiling or laughing! How would it be if your muscles starting wasting away? If they didn’t work properly? How would you cope? It takes about 37 muscles to frown, 22 to smile … but only 1 to make a difference!

See below for different ways you can make a difference by donating – thank you!

Committed Giving

To make regular donations, why not set up a monthly Direct Debit via either our dedicated online donations form here at Peoples Fundraising. or via our PayPal Account. Gift aid will automatically be reclaimed on your direct debit donations on behalf of our charity!

One off donations, plus Debit or Credit card donations

One off online donations of £6.57, £16.57 or £65.70 or indeed any other value of your choosing can be made via Peoples Fundraising and also the charity’s PayPal Account ~ as we say, that’s the #powerof657.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Every donation moves the charity closer to realising its mission of delivering 657 Muscle Dreams, that’s one life-changing experience for every muscle in the human body! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind donation and for supporting our small charity in the way you have chosen.

Any questions?

Email: or get in touch by completing the online enquiry form.

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