Our Patrons

Patrons play a key role in raising awareness for the charity by supporting and lending their name to our work.

Lorraine Kelly

Television presenter Lorraine Kelly became a long-standing friend of the Muscle Help Foundation after meeting founder Michael McGrath in 2005. Lorraine gets involved in fundraising and passionately helps raise awareness for our cause.

Kenneth Branagh

British actor and director Kenneth Branagh has been associated with the charity since 2003. An enthusiastic ambassador for the cause, he has lent his voice to much of the charity’s promotional work.

Our Friends

Friends support our cause and often lend their name to our work.

Sir Richard Branson, Chairman Virgin Group

Jon Snow, Channel 4 News anchor

Tom Solesbury

A world-class rower who competed in the men’s quadruple sculls in the London 2012 Olympics, Tom’s initial motivation came from meeting one of the charity’s inspirational beneficiaries (a young lady with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, type 2) at its 2013 London Charity Fundraiser.

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