Beneficiary Case Study: Sophie & James

Beneficiary Case Study: 6
Beneficiary Name: Sophie & James
Muscle Dream Number: 4431st + 432nd

Back in September 2022, the charity gave ten lucky beneficiaries from across the UK and their families a two-day immersive experience of a lifetime as part of a unique Porsche Muscle Dream Driving Experience programme at Silverstone, the home of British motorsport.

Siblings, James and Sophie were two of the participants. They both love fast cars and Formula 1. When they heard the news they had been chosen to take part in this one-off event, to be driven in these amazing sports cars around this iconic racetrack, Sophie says:

“Initially, we were overwhelmed with shock. We’d heard about Muscle Dream experiences before but couldn’t believe that we had been selected!”

James says:

“The world of motorsport has been a passion of ours for years but has felt out of reach, so having this once in a lifetime opportunity to emulate my heroes by zooming around Silverstone was priceless! And it really was a ‘WOW’ moment in time for us all as a family as my parents were also there to see us going around the track. In the days after the experience I just kept re-living every moment of it in my head.

“The driving experience itself was truly amazing of course, but for me, the best part was actually getting to hold Nico Rosberg’s 2016 championship wheel. That was an artifact from history that you only ever see snippets of on the TV, so having it physically in my hands was such a dream-come-true”

Michael McGrath, founder and CEO of the Muscle Help Foundation charity, says:

“Seeing the exhilaration, the happiness, the pure joy, on everyone’s faces as they speed around the track is always something immensely fulfilling and of course memorable – the charity has been arranging this programme for 10 years now and each time it unfolds, that feeling of emerges – put simply, it’s why we do what we do.

For each beneficiary and their family, this is about empowerment, it’s about uplifting confidence, it’s about bringing families along the journey together and ultimately, it’s about creating that’s incredibly precious and cherished memories that last a lifetime”.


James adds:

“Living with life-limiting conditions can be frustrating, as you feel that you never quite have the same opportunities as your peers. Being introduced into previously inaccessible worlds, such as motorsport, in such an accessible way provides you with a new outlook on the world – the world suddenly seems so much bigger to me.

“The positive impacts of the day have been clear to see for myself and my sister. All of a sudden, the world of motorsport feels that much ‘closer’ and more accessible. I’ve always had a dream of working in the field somehow, but it now seems less of a dream and more of a possibility.

“In fact, within less than 24 hours of completing the Porsche experience we had booked tickets back at Silverstone to watch a classic car race – so we’ve all got the motorsport bug now that’s for sure!”

Sophie adds:

“Relaying the day to friends and family has been very exciting and they have all been in total awe of what we did and achieved. We feel so lucky to be able to have been a part of such an amazing programme.

“It really is difficult to put into words how fantastic the day was. The whole experience was organised impeccably and everyone went to great lengths to make the day one to remember. We can’t thank everyone involved enough. The charity has such a positive impact on the lives of families living with Muscular Dystrophy.”

Check out the charity’s 10th Porsche Programme Anniversary Flickr Photo Album HERE.

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