WOW! Award presented to Sonali Kumarakulsinghe by MHF Charity Trustee Board for invaluable contribution

Posted on October 4th, 2018

The Muscle Help Foundation is delighted to nominate Sonali Kumarakulsinghe for a WOW! Award for her outstanding work, professional guidance and consistent advice since the charity was conceived 15 years ago.

The charity’s Trustee Board wish to show their gratitude for the many years of support and as such, have unanimously endorsed this WOW! Award in recognising her invaluable contribution, integrity and commitment. The Award was presented to Sonali (pictured below) by the Trustee Board on Thursday 4th October 2018 at Beales Hotel in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

MHF’s CEO, Michael McGrath commented:

“The charity has a special partnership with The WOW! Awards. It’s a scheme that enables organisations to recognise individuals that provide exceptional value to a consistently high standard, people that go above and beyond! When the Muscle Help Foundation wants to say “thank you” – the WOW! Awards provide a great way for us to do this.

When for example suppliers to our Muscle Dream activities and/or partners deliver outstanding service on behalf of the charity and ‘our’ expectations are blown away, we like to nominate an individual or sometimes a team of people for a WOW! Award.

In Sonali’s case, I cannot think of anyone more deserving! She has and continues to be an invaluable support to the charity. Just saying thank you sometimes feels rather inadequate, so it was felt that a WOW! Award would be wholly appropriate.”

Since March 2015, the charity has made six WOW! Award nominations.

Click HERE to read Sonali’s full nomination and to see who else has received a WOW! Award.

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