Discover why Harry Hill, Tom Kerridge, Angela Hartnett & other celebrity chefs are backing MHF’s campaign to raise money for the charity

Posted on September 21st, 2023

Cooking challenge to raise funds for the Muscle Help Foundation (MHF) charity gets the backing of celebrity chefs and celebrities from across the UK. Harry Hill, Tom Kerridge, Tom Parker-Bowles and Angela Hartnett are just some of the big names lending their support to MHF’s unique charity cooking campaign to raise much-needed funds to support children and young people living with Muscular Dystrophy (MD).

November is set to take on a whole new identity thanks to a mouth-watering culinary fundraising campaign. We, The Muscle Help Foundation Charity, has assigned November as ‘Meatball Month’ – we are calling on the nation to get involved and support the campaign.

Comedian, presenter and writer, and lover of great food, Harry Hill, who also presents Junior Bake Off, is spearheading the launch of the campaign and has released a video titled ‘It’s Meatball Month’ asking the nation to don their aprons and start planning their meatball parties – watch his video message below:

During Meatball Month, we are encouraging the nation to come together, eat meatballs (meat, veggie, plant-based, fish or vegan), to help raise money to support the charity’s vital work in delivering transformational wish-fulfilment experiences to children and young people living with Muscular Dystrophy (MD).

Over the past 20 years, MHF has made hundreds of ‘Muscle Dream’ nominations a reality for its beneficiaries. From arranging for them to meet movie stars like Al Pacino, sporting heroes like Lewis Hamilton to TV bushcraft & survival expert Ray Mears, through to organising amazing moments in time such as racing around Silverstone in Porsche 9-11s, experiencing level flight in an aircraft or mixing it up with Warner Brothers Studio (Education Team) delivering a virtual ‘Art & Craft of Film-Making’ programme, MHF’s mission is simple – to provide unique, highly personalised interventions that not only turn dreams into reality but also boost confidence, uplift self-esteem and strengthen social connections through MHF’s ‘Muscle Warrior’ tribal community.

The meatballs campaign has got the backing of an amazing array of notable chefs, many of whom have shared their very own meatball recipes representing a range of culinary tastes and preferences to help inspire people right across the nation. These include Tom Kerridge, Angela Hartnett, Tom Parker-Bowles and Ken Hom, as well as Harry Hill who we hear is cooking up his very own special recipe for his ‘meatballs gathering’ in November where he’ll be sharing pictures from his fundraising party during Meatball Month itself.


The charity’s CEO, Michael McGrath MBE, who lives with MD says:

“This foodie fundraising campaign is designed to engage the nation’s appetite and love of food – it encourages anyone across the UK this November to simply cook up some meatballs at home with their friends and family (be they meat, veggie, plant-based, fish or vegan) and in the process, ask everyone attending for a small donation for being fed well and enjoying great company with family and friends. This will help raise money for the charity’s wish fulfilment experiences, called Muscle Dreams, where we literally do make dreams a reality for children and young people with muscular dystrophy.

“But why Meatballs I hear you ask? Well, in all honesty, it could be any meal you like – it comes down to bringing people together to cook and eat, whilst raising money for our wonderful charity. Let’s face it, meat, veggie or vegan balls are quick and easy to make. They are so the perfect autumnal comfort food. We felt this was a great way to give the campaign an identity and give people a single-minded cooking focus to put their efforts into.

The ingredients fuelling the campaign are simple – a sprinkling of coming together, time to cook, eat, enjoy and donate. You’ll be helping us make more dreams a reality for young people living with muscular dystrophy. Everyone is welcome at the table!”

November Harry Hill

Harry Hill says:

“I can’t think of a better way to raise money for a wonderful charity. Cooking meatballs, inviting friends and family over and then eating them – that’s the meatballs – not the friends and family!

The only catch is they donate to help The Muscle Help Foundation improve the lives of people living with Muscular Dystrophy. Unless I’m missing something, it’s a win-win-win! I’m already preparing my meatball menu and it’s going to be delicious!”


Michael adds:

“With the country’s obsession with food programmes such as Bake Off and MasterChef seemingly never ending, and a growth reported in the popularity of shared food experiences, now is the perfect time to build momentum for November’s Meatball Month.

The UK’s cost of living crisis has also led to more people dining out less frequently and by default, entertaining at home more often so this campaign hopefully ticks lots of boxes.

We also know how competitive people can get in the kitchen, so whether you’re a professional chef or an amateur, the challenge is on to wow your guests with a tasty meatball dish this November in aid of a worthy cause.”

Here’s what some of the chefs supporting the campaign are saying:

Meatball November

“Meatballs for Muscle Dreams is a great cause helping fundraise for Muscle Dreams. Get cooking, get all your family involved and help raise a little money whilst you do it!”

Tom Kerridge
Michelin-starred TV Chef, Owner, The Hand & Flowers

“I am delighted to support (The Muscle Help Foundation) with this delectable recipe! I hope that it will help bring awareness to this horrible disease and support all the brave people living with muscular dystrophy”

Ken Hom
BBC TV Presenter & Chef

I’m beyond excited and proud to be part of Meatballs for Muscle Dreams in support of the Muscle Help Foundation charity. It’s an important cause to me and being able to cook meatballs and raise awareness and funds at the same time is a win-win”

Max La Manna

Award-winning Author, Low-waste Chef, Campaigner, Digital Creator


Official Campaign Website:

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