Terry Gillen

Posted on November 25th, 2003

terrygillenConsultant Trainer & Author

I’ve known Michael for several years and still have difficulty reconciling his disability with the enormity of what he’s doing. Oddly, it might be easier if he was just someone I read about or saw on television but when chatting to him over a cup of coffee I can’t help but ask how one man with such a disability can achieve so much when so many of us with no disability achieve so little?

In my work as a Consultant Trainer, I come across literally hundreds of people who fall short of their potential not because of a disability but because of an attitude. They underestimate potential, overlook opportunities and exaggerate obstacles. As a result, they under-perform and, if they are in a leadership position, their staff under-perform too. If they could have just one ounce of Michael’s spirit they could achieve so much more for themselves, their staff, their employers and their fellow humans.

When you think about it, travelling to both Poles despite a serious disability and raising substantial sums of money is incredible – but it is still only part of what Michael is achieving. His example must also be triggering a chain reaction. If the people he inspires each do only a little more to help others than they do now, then Michael’s achievements will be truly boundless.

Terry Gillen
Consultant Trainer & Author



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