Odyssey Knebworth Signs Up for GRIM 2009

Posted on December 9th, 2009

odyssey_01_1Health and racquets club, Odyssey Knebworth in Hertfordshire are supporting The Muscular Help Foundation in their quest to recruit at least 100 spirited Muscle Warriors™ to participate in this years GRIM Challenge on Saturday 5th December in helping to raise funds for the charities Muscle Dreams™ programme.

If you have got what it takes to be a Muscle Warrior™, then Odyssey’s Boot Camp programme specifically designed to suit everyone’s capabilities and fitness levels is a brilliant way to train for the GRIM event

The clubs Marketing Manager Kate Love said, “We are really excited about this innovative partnership and are delighted to be supporting such a worthy cause. We are now actively promoting GRIM to our members and naturally, we’re introducing the challenge to our ‘Boot Camp’ recruits on a first come first served basis! It’s an extreme, but by all accounts, massively fun off-road adventure over 8 miles of stunning army terrain down near Aldershot. You can race or like some of our members did last year, you can jog a little, then walk a little, then crawl a little, then jog again!”

Pictured below, Odyssey Boot Camps latest recruit, HR professional Jo Gordon-Utting from Knebworth, who amongst some 45 other Muscle Warriors™ from around the UK successfully completed the 2008 GRIM Challenge. With the support of the club, Jo will again be participating in this year’s GRIM event along with a growing number Odyssey members including Kate Love, Marketing Manager.

Following on from last year’s GRIM success that saw some 45 Muscle Warriors™ raise nearly £10,000 for the charities Muscle Dreams™ programme, this year Odyssey Knebworth is stepping up to the GRIM Challenge with each new recruit from the club committing to raise a minimum of £100pp for the charity.


“Like Odyssey, GRIM is a journey and as always, it’s about taking that first step in signing up. Despite these GRIM economic times, the 12 week Boot Camp course is the absolute perfect way to limber up for this fantastic challenge. The Muscular Help Foundation is thrilled to be working with Odyssey Knebworth. I know that with their support we’ll smash our overall target figure of recruiting over 100 Muscle Warriors™. If we do that, we’ll raise well over £10,000 for the charities Muscle Dreams™ programme,” said the charities co-founder Michael McGrath.

“The Greek word Odyssey is defined as ‘a long wandering and eventful journey or quest, usually marked by many changes of fortune’. GRIM is certainly a spectacular journey, a fun journey, some might say an exhausting journey; one minute you can be jogging through a breathtaking forest trail, the next wading through a gigantic puddle and then crawling on your hands and knees through mud – that’s what makes this event such GRIM fun!” added McGrath.

Under TEAM NAME on the GRIM ENTRY form, please put MUSCLE WARRIORS™ so you can clearly be identified as being part of the wider Muscle Warriors™ team.

A dedicated fundraising page has been set-up online for all Odyssey GRIM participants. The charity is asking that each person aims to raise £100 or more for its Muscle Dreams™ programme that delivers amazing experiences to children or young people in the UK afflicted by muscular dystrophy, enabling recipients to live a dream or fulfil a cherished ambition that perhaps a family simply cannot afford.

Muscle Dreams™ can cost anywhere from £250 to £5000 depending on what they are – whether meeting Sir Alan Sugar, driving a Ferrari or chefing with Marco Pierre White!

Odyssey Knebworth encourages all of its members and friends to show their support by making a donation on our official webpage at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/odysseygrim

When you have signed up, please let the Odyssey reception staff know and we will add your name to the growing team listing. Then all you need to do is email the above fundraising link to your friends, family and colleagues at work inviting them to perhaps join you and of course, sponsor you – it’s that easy!

Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can of course create your very own fundraising page by going to https://www.justgiving.com/ – be sure you select The Muscular Help Foundation (Charity Registration No. 1096716) as your nominated charity.

Each Odyssey member that signs up will on GRIM day be given (free) their very own Muscle Warrior™ branded t-shirt to wear throughout the event – a garment that’s much sought after! In addition, all participants will be sustained (at no cost to you) with hot liquid, maybe mulled wine this year or if not, steaming hot tea along with a plentiful supply of healthy hot dogs!!

Odyssey Knebworth is a health and racquets club situated in 11 acres of Knebworth countryside in Hertfordshire. To learn more about Odyssey’s Boot Camp programme or to find about the club’s facilities and various courses, visit https://odysseygroup.com/


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