New Muscle Ambassador Vivek Gohil Shares Powerful Insights About His Life, His Hopes and His Dreams

Posted on January 29th, 2018

Understanding the meaning of life has always been a passion of mine. Life is filled with experiences that form who you are today and continue to shape you in the future. Meeting Michael McGrath at the London 2012 Games Inspired Muscle Dreams programme was a defining moment, altering my perception of disability ~ no longer was it a barrier to legendary status. I realised that life is under my control ~ I just needed to fill it with meaning.

I was already born with a rare hereditary bleeding condition called Haemophilia A, who would think that I’d develop another hereditary condition? I was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at age 8 after a tough 5-year misdiagnosis. The prognosis of DMD was grim and life-changing.

The misdiagnosis was a confusing blur jeopardizing my primary education, as I constantly moved schools to accommodate my uncertain needs. My scoliosis corrective surgery interrupted my secondary education, it left me bed-bound for a year, as my NHS wheelchair was completely unsuitable for my needs. This isolation period was a pivotal turning point in my life, it was the foundation of who I am today.

My escape was to immerse myself into the world of comic books, funnily enough I read every comic book in 3 local libraries. Looking back, I realize the impact comics had in shaping my personality and beliefs, they taught me about willpower, strength, courage, to question everything and to never give up. The most important lesson was to make my own path through life and not to follow the ‘normal’ pathways decided for us.

I enjoyed maturing and developing into a confident adult at college. The positive feedback from teachers regarding my academic potential made me realise that physical disability doesn’t need to define me. I always wanted to experience university life, I did so at DeMontfort University (Leicester) where I studied Psychology. I had to leave halfway through my course due to ill health and care package issues. It was a difficult choice as I felt a failure and was concerned about isolation.

As it happened, I’ve never regretted that decision as I now had time to focus on what was significant to me: charity work.

Attending the 2012 Games Inspired Muscle Dreams event was positively life-changing. Being surrounded by such pure altruism, love and joy has never left me to this day. Interacting with Michael McGrath and experiencing his enthusiasm helping others with Muscular Dystrophy motivated me to discard my own restrictive internal ableism.

I wanted an avenue to express my thoughts and create a meaningful footprint in life. So, I started my blog Uncanny Vivek – I was stunned by how my life resonated with readers and the amount of wonderful opportunities I’ve had. Like the privilege to become a Muscle Warrior Ambassador and join such a wonderful team.

The future isn’t made of anything tangible – it’s created on hopes, dreams and memories. The Muscle Help Foundation continues to do just that.

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