MHF wins Vodafone WOD UK Grant

Posted on March 2nd, 2011

vodafone-1Some 11,000 charities applied to Vodafone’s World of Difference (WOD) UK Programme and one of the lucky winners was The Muscle Help Foundation (MHF). Administered by the Vodafone Foundation, this fantastic scheme gives about 500 people the opportunity to work for a UK-based charity of their choice for two months, and get paid for their time.

Muscle Warrior Hayley Felton, a long-standing MHF Friend and advocate, was one of the winners with a clear goal to produce and present the charity’s first ever Appeal Film and have it shown premiere-style at a Charity Party event in the West End on Wednesday 19 October 2011. Her two month placement began in March 2011.

vodafone-2MHF’s co-founder and CEO Michael McGrath said, “Talk about ambitious or what! I know that Hayley likes nothing better than to set one goal after another – when we heard about Vodafone’s World of Difference UK initiative, we knew instantly it was a Hayley-project!”

“She’s incredibly talented and ambitious. An aspiring TV Presenter who one day wants to have her own chat-show programme (watch out Piers Morgan!), the application was crafted and the rest as they is history.”



“The idea of planning and producing a broadcast quality (television standard) film that not only makes compulsive viewing but also informs is of course laudable – for it to inspire, engage and create a compelling call-to-action is amazing. We will support Hayley as much as we possibly can along this journey and we hope it will provide her with a useful platform for additional presenting experience as well as directly expanding her own knowledge of the film production process, research, face-to-face interview, set-up and the creative editing process,” commented McGrath (aka the Chief Muscle Warrior).


“A powerful hard-hitting film will, for the first time, give our small charity an asset that can be used to not only support our fundraising efforts and promote it to our stakeholder communities and partners, but it will also enable us to secure vital new charity partners and attract new donors – it will by default uplift our profile and in turn drive more Muscle Dream nominations. We intend to show the film in London at a new invitation-only charity event currently being planned for Wed 19 Oct as well as showcase it online using social network channels such as Facebook and Twitter,” he added.


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