MHF Aims for Biggest Team in GRIM History

Posted on December 6th, 2008

The Muscular Help Foundation (MHF) has launched an unusual recruitment drive ~ the Hertfordshire-based charity has set a goal to attract the biggest team ever in the history of the GRIM CHALLENGE, an extreme (and seriously FUN!) 8 mile off-road adventure taking place near Aldershot on terrain used for testing big Army vehicles.

MHF’s Muscle Warriors Team will be participating on Saturday 6th December 2008 ~ so round up your mates, flex those muscles of yours and have some fun! Only committed Muscle Warriors need apply!

grim_2_0In support of a worthy cause, Michael McGrath – muscular dystrophy sufferer and the only disabled person in the world to have reached both North and South Poles, has thrown down a challenge – to recruit the biggest ever GRIM CHALLENGE team in the history of the GRIM event. This event is a FUN off-road adventure over a distance of 8 miles. You DO NOT NEED TO BE FIT – it’s about PARTICIPATING, it’s about FINISHING (nothing more, nothing less), it’s SEROIUSLY FUN and we’re told GREAT PUB CHAT!

grim_3Michael McGrath is looking to recruit at least 50 committed individuals (named Muscle Warriors) to participate, raise some money to help fund more Muscle Dreams and generate some awareness for The Muscular Help Foundation (MHF) ~ these give unforgettable experiences to children and young people afflicted by muscular dystrophy (MD) in the UK, providing an opportunity for them to live a dream or perhaps fulfil a cherished ambition that a family simply cannot afford.

So have you got what it takes to be a Muscle Warrior and help MHF achieve its record-breaking goal? The challenge is to run (or walk if you prefer!) over hills, wade through water filled ravines, run over puddle-strewn paths, crawl under camouflage netting and then get over some large man-made mounds and through some rather large puddles before you cross the finish line! That’s it! Expect to get very wet! Expect to have some serious FUN!


NEWSFLASH ~ just in the month of July, over 20 Muscle Warriors, of all ages, sizes and abilities have signed up! MHF’s Muscle Warrior team will be participating on Saturday 6th December, 2.5 miles from Aldershot Train Station on land used for testing Army vehicles.


Q. What is the charity doing for me ~ A. Each member of the team will be provided with a branded Muscle Warrior t-shirt which is theirs to keep. Additionally, the charity will ensure that all Muscle Warriors are sustained after the event with hot tea, shelter and home-made flapjacks! We will provide any guidance needed in helping to set up individual, group or company fundraising web-pages, using our online fundraising partner Justgiving. We will send you our quick and easy Top Tips for a Winning Fundraising Strategy guide.

Q. What am I being asked to do for the charity ~ A. The charity (MHF) asks only that each individual team member commits to raising at least £200.00. The entry fee is £24.00 and each participant will need to pay this fee in advance as well as complete and post off the Official SATURDAY Entry Form.

Q. What is muscular dystrophy? ~ A. Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a muscle wasting disease that remains the single biggest genetic killer of children in our world today – in the UK alone, there are some 60,000 people being robbed of their mobility, independence and finally for those with the most severe type, predominantly children, their lives.


Q. What do Muscle Dreams cost? ~ A. These can cost anywhere from £250 to £5000 depending on what they are. All Muscle Warriors will be able to see how their fundraising efforts are used by following MHF’s LATEST NEWS updates on the charities website.

grim_5Q. How do I sign up for the 2008 GRIM CHALLENGE? ~ A. That’s easy … either email your details to or phone MHF’s HQ on +44 (0)1763 274658 and say ‘I want to be a Muscle Warrior’. The charity (MHF) will confirm your place. Detailed information will be given nearer to the event date.

Q. Where can I find generic information about the GRIM CHALLENGE? ~ A. Visit the event website at



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