Making the Impossible Possible

Posted on October 21st, 2006

possible02Editorial Feature in Rapport Magazine, Summer 2006 (Issue 4) p38 – p40.

Making the Impossible Possible Life coach Kathryn White (see below) helped Michael McGrath, diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, to achieve one of his polar goals in reaching the North Pole.

possible01Extract – focusing on replacing a fear of failure: “One specific example of this (a key intervention) is the extreme cold; in dealing with sub-zero temperatures of between -25 to -45 degrees C, I had a number of resources that I triggered at an unconscious level in creating what I referred to as my all-embracing ready-brek glow! It worked … giving a massive burst of warmth around my whole body and particularly my legs, when I needed it! Once triggered, it was like a red surge of incredible energy and warmth, zillions of red blood cells pounding their way through my veins, my heart furiously beating … it was awesome and incredibly powerful. It was these powerful and very real resources that enabled me to achieve my goal, to make the impossible possible”, said Michael.

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About Kathryn White of The Golden Rubikon

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