Kenneth Branagh – Actor and Director

Posted on May 11th, 2003

kennethbranaghEmmy Nominee for the role of Ernest Shackleton

In playing the role of Ernest Shackleton, I gained some insight into the deprivation and hardships as well as the immense resilience and courage required to overcome the harsh environment of the Antarctic. For a disabled British man to challenge this last great wilderness is very inspiring.

In addition, for an individual with Muscular Dystrophy to undertake a journey to the South Pole for the benefit of others clearly demonstrates not only enormous self-belief and inner strength on Michael’s part but reminds us of the remarkable power of the human spirit. His project mantra is ‘use a muscle to save a muscle’.

Driven by a desire to have a positive impact on those with muscle disorders worldwide, he will not only become the first disabled person in history to conquer both poles, but more significantly raise global awareness whilst reinforcing the positive benefits of an inclusive way of thinking.

I wish Michael McGrath and his team god speed and whole-heartedly endorse his pole2pole project.




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