Iron Couple Jason & Sam complete 70.3 ironman triathlon raising funds for virtual Muscle Dreams before knot-tying in June!

Posted on April 26th, 2021

Saturday 24th April 2021 saw Jason Smith and Sam Eustace, two fully-fledged Muscle Warrior volunteers, dig deep and head off around East Hertfordshire to succesfully complete a 70.3 ironman triathlon, known by all athletes as one of the toughest endurance events on the planet.

Despite many early morning starts, freezing temperatures during the long and dark winter months and the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, their training efforts stood them in good stead. Their carefully mapped route saw them head off from Stevenage, going near Knebworth, Hitchin, Welwyn and Hatfield then on to Hertford and down to Broxbourne and finishing up at Lee Valley Park.

“This was a truly awesome effort by two hugely dedicated Muscle Warriors who have been supporting the charity for over six years. I know just how hard this goal has been for both Jason and Sam, not only juggling busy work lives and the commitment required to maintain their training regime over some six months but also the restrictions brought about by the pandemic.

I am extremely grateful and very proud of what they have achieved. As you can see from their split times [1.9km swim = 45mins, 90km bike = 3hrs 33mins, 21.1km run = 1hr 58mins], they did incredibly well!

A huge thank you to their respective family members and friends for getting behind this amazing ‘iron couple’, supporting their BIG ironman triathlon efforts along the way and for the many donations still coming in!

Every penny raised will help the charity move a little closer to its goal of delivering 657 Muscle Dream interventions for children and young people with muscular dystrophy.

As they are now in the best shape of their lives, we were wondering what their next BIG challenge might be and then we remembered that in about six weeks’ time, they will be getting married – that’s the #powerof657!

Michael McGrath
CEO, The Muscle Help Foundation

As of Monday 26th April, nearly £1,700.00 has been raised via their dedicated Golden Giving fundraising page here in support of the Muscle Help Foundation charity. Having finished the challenge, their triathon split times on their Instagram page here shows just how well they did, summarised by the phrase ‘all in a days work’!

The challenge was their homage to the charity’s 18th birthday anniversary – to help celebrate, Jason and Sam (pictured below) thought they would take on their own 70.3 Ironman triathlon to raise awareness and money for the charity. In their words, “what better way to mark a big birthday than to Go BIG!”

Click the link below to donate:

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