Posted on May 9th, 2013


CHALLENGE 200 is an innovative new Business Challenge Fundraiser that aims to tap into the entrepreneurial spirit of businesses in Hertfordshire – devised by The Muscle Help Foundation (MHF).

Challenge 200 seeks to urge businesses to use their skills to turn a £200 investment via a loan agreement from MHF into as much money as they can over a 6-month period to support some of its 2013/14 Muscle Dream programme activities.

There are a maximum of 10 places and there will be a league table providing a competitive flavour! MHF is keen to further develop the fundraising initiative in 2014 so it becomes an established programme in the charity’s ongoing fundraising strategy.

The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry is partnering with MHF in supporting Challenge 200 – Yolanda Rugg, Acting Chief Executive said:


“I’m delighted to support CHALLENGE 200 and we’re urging Herts businesses to sign up. At a time of economic uncertainty, this innovative challenge is a brilliant team building exercise with measureable outcomes – an effective way to not only achieve your corporate social responsibilities, but also a superb way to really make a difference whilst having lots of fun.”

“The money this project generates will be a huge boost to a Hertfordshire-based charity that’s making a big impact in the lives of beneficiary families across the country – if ever there was a family charity that needed support so they can continue to change the lives of children and young people afflicted by the muscle wasting disease muscular dystrophy, this one could certainly do with your help”, said Yolanda.


So prove it. Put your money where your mouth is.
We’ll give you £200 and six months.
All you have to do is make that money grow!

This is a proven method of fundraising that not only helps a good cause, but also builds essential working skills in engaging and motivating employees. Teams that take up the opportunity are faced with the very real challenge in turning an initial capital sum into profit.

We don’t mind if your staff bake cakes, organise dress-down days, shoot baskets, establish a best-cost-saving ideas box or arrange a jail-term for the MD! You decide! The benefits include establishing ‘mini-enterprises’ that not only build essential ‘team-working’ skills but also ‘motivate’ employees.



Contact Michael the charity’s CEO for an information pack by calling:
T: 01763 274658 or email:

Places are limited to 10 businesses in 2013 … so be quick!


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