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Posted on September 13th, 2003

englishfederationColin Chaytors

Chief Executive
English Federation of Disability Sport

Michael McGrath is no ordinary person. Forget the fact that he has Muscular Dystrophy for a moment. Michael McGrath is unique.
He is an inspirational speaker, a father, a motivator, a leader and he is determined to be the first disabled person in the world to reach both North and South Poles!
Some might say he is ‘imprudent’, but I applaud Michael and believe he is an incredible role model for people with disabilities everywhere. He is an inspiration to disabled and non-disabled people alike and provides us all with a sharp reminder of the powerful potential we all have within.

The majority of disabled sports people do not want pity or the tag of being ‘brave and courageous’. Neither does Michael. He simply wants to illustrate that any obstacle can be overcome, irrespective of an individual’s capability. Michael is incredibly determined to show that everyone can have a dream and that with copious amounts of self-belief, self-motivation and self-discipline, can succeed and maximise their inner potential.
Michael is doing the difficult part. We have the easy bit. He needs the financial support of companies and individuals to enable him and his team reach the South Pole. He needs your support to write history. Most importantly, he deserves our encouragement to achieve this important dream of helping others with muscle disorders including Muscular Dystrophy. Michael seeks commercial advocacy through sustainable partnerships with socially conscious, values driven organisations in helping The Muscular Help Foundation continue with its vital work.

Please dig deep and use your financial muscle to ‘help save muscle’.

The EFDS will be closely following the progress of pole2pole in January 2004 and will be posting regular news reports on our website at


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