“It was an absolute privilege to be part of your 2012 flagship Paralympic project; to work in a group of friendly, dedicated and selfless volunteers, and a small charity which delivers ambitious, contemporary and above all else person-centred Muscle Dreams which makes positive life changes for young people.” (Jon Heyes)

  • Volunteers are the life-blood of our charity – giving time can be one of the most rewarding ways in helping you acquire new skills and give-back.
  • Volunteers help our charity #changelives and #givehope to the lives of children and young people across the UK with Muscular Dystrophy.
  • Many of our events for example are made possible thanks to the amazing support of volunteers who give of themselves to ensure successful outcomes are achieved.


Our 6-point volunteer commitment

  1. We try hard to make our volunteers feel needed and appreciated
  2. We’ll ask you to help in specific, actionable ways
  3. We aim to inspire you with our cause
  4. We’ll stay in touch with you and hopefully vice-versa!
  5. We’ve worked hard to establish a community of volunteers
  6. We’ll show you how you’ve made a difference
  • As a family charity, we value and greatly appreciate our volunteers; we’re keen to ensure that your volunteering experience is a rich and enjoyable one.
  • Volunteering in any circumstance shows generosity of spirit, willingness to work, commitment and that’s before you bring your specific set of skills that show us who you are and what your skills you possess in any particular role.

“It’s not everyday you can say that you’ve changed lives. The way MHF add a ‘personal touch’ to every Muscle Dream it delivers makes it truly unique and holds a special place in the hearts and minds of its recipients and volunteers alike. Together we are not just stronger, we are unbreakable” (Steve Stone)

Why volunteer?

  • The vast majority volunteer because they want to give something back to society and in so doing, enjoy feeling a sense of achievement and pride from their commitment and contribution of time.


Boost your CV, upskill, meet new people

  • Many people will start volunteering while looking for employment as it is a fantastic addition to any CV – if you are looking to upskill, boost you’re CV and/or meet new people, volunteering may well be for you!

“I felt honoured that you allowed me to help and take part in what was an extremely rewarding day. It was heart-warming to see the kids enjoy themselves so much. I think it was clear for all to see the positivity that emanated from the day out and the underlying message of hope. Michael, you and your team are an inspiration to us all. I am taken aback by what you do and how you do it, it’s awe-inspiring” (Josh Drukarz)


Did you know that…

  • The most popular form of volunteering is helping to organise an event or activity together with the raising or handling of money as part of a sponsored event.


Interested in volunteering for our charity?

Step 1: Look around our website to see what we do
Step 2: Click the Flickr icon to see our photo-sets
Step 3: Now you’ve seen our impact, what skills would you like to acquire
Step 4: Follow us on Twitter: @musclewarrior
Step 5: Join our Facebook community: The Muscle Help Foundation
Step 6: Contact us for an informal chat

Email: volunteering@musclehelp.com
Call: 01763 274658