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Question: If you were invited to personally meet your No.1 sporting hero, spend time in the green room with your favourite rock band, cook meatballs with that celebrity chef whose recipes you lurve or perhaps you just want to spend an hour talking business with a famous entrepreneur, hang out with the rugby team you so loyally follow or maybe you just want to do coffee with an A-list movie star, would you take-up the opportunity?

Answer: Of course you would! So how would it be if you could help others fulfil their … Muscle Dreams? We suspect you’d feel pretty cool about that! So below, we’ve scoped out some donation options and an idea in terms of how your gift can be used to impact those whom we support via our Muscle Dream activities.

Monthly Direct Debit

If you would like to make a regular donation perhaps in support of our #657APPEAL, why not set up a monthly Direct Debit via our dedicated online donations form in the amount of £6.57 – every single donation counts! With your support, you’ll be helping us move a little closer towards our goal of delivering 657 Muscle Dreams, approximately one for every muscle in the human body!

Did you know that your 657 muscles enable you to stand, walk, run, swim, write and even express the emotion of happiness by smiling and laughing! How would it be if your muscles starting wasting away? How would you cope? Remember, it takes about 37 muscles to frown, 22 to smile but only 1 to make a difference!

Information – you’ll be asked to enter the information required to setup a regular direct debit donation. Once your direct debit details are captured, our charity partner Golden Giving will automatically claim the direct debit payment according to the direct debit payment schedule; they will then pass on this payment to our charity.

Gift Aid – what’s brilliant is that Golden Giving will also automatically reclaim Gift Aid on your direct debit donations on behalf of our charity – simples!

Setting up your direct debit – to set up your regular monthly donation in support of our charity via Golden Giving, click the link below. Thank you!


Impact– why not visit our Testimonials page where you can read more about our impact straight from the children, young people and their families who have experienced a Muscle Dream.

Payroll Giving

A regular donation through your salary is one of the best ways for you to help our charity. People who receive their company/personal pension through PAYE can participate too.

If you would like to make a weekly or monthly donation, all you have to do is sign up here.

Payroll Giving allows you to give to charity direct from your salary before tax is deducted. This means if you give £10 a month to The Muscle Help Foundation and are a basic rate taxpayer, the gift will only cost you £8 from your net pay. If you pay a higher rate of tax, £10 a month will only cost you £6 from your net pay but The Muscle Help Foundation will still receive £10.

Payroll Giving is one of the most simple and tax-efficient ways that employees can donate to charity. As your donation is made pre-tax, we don’t have to go back and reclaim it as Gift Aid which saves us valuable time. If you pay tax at 40% or 50% it’s the only way we automatically receive all the tax on your donation.

Setting up a Payroll Giving scheme is a great way for companies to show commitment to the causes their staff really care about. It is quick to set up and administer. In the UK over 10,000 employers operate the scheme.

To set up a Payroll Giving scheme, please get in touch.

Useful links about Payroll Giving

The Payroll Giving Centre


Muscle Warriors are famous for putting their body on the line to raise money for Muscle Dreams.


Take on a challenge

Often they achieve personal goals by taking on unique and extraordinary physical challenges to help make children with Muscular Dystrophy’s dreams a reality.

Some of our Muscle Warriors have chartered the North and South Pole, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, cycled from Geneva to Avignon, and run eight miles over a wintry army testing track in Aldershot.

Get involved in our upcoming events, or get in touch if you have your own sponsorship challenge you would like us to endorse.

Corporate involvement / Charity of the year

Your support would make a significant contribution to the growth of a small national family charity.

The private sector is uniquely positioned to support our mission – we are open to fundraising and volunteer partnerships with reputable companies.

Nominate us as your Charity of the Year (COY), put forward your employees to become Muscle Warriors, or sponsor our events. Your support could be invaluable, so if you are inspired by our work, get in touch.


Some Muscle Warriors choose to give their time generously by supporting our work on the ground.

If you are inspired by our mission, check out our Volunteers page and get in touch and put yourself forward to volunteer at our events or help make Muscle Dreams a reality.

The key attributes we look for in all our volunteers include – being passionate, conscientious, organised and above all, demonstrating that you have an understanding of our cause and its impact.


If you’d like to support #powerof657 and host your own fundraising and event or activity we’ve everything you need to help you set up, market and run your event successfully in our fundraising pack.

From the 6:57 work out to running 6.57 miles all of our ideas are based on our charity’s magic number. Be inspired, and download our fundraising pack >

Don’t forget to tweet us your fundraising ideas and activities @musclewarrior so we can help to spread the word too!