Did you know that your 657 muscles enable you to stand, walk, run, swim, write and even express the emotion of happiness by smiling and laughing! How would it be if your muscles starting wasting away? How would you cope? Remember, it takes about 37 muscles to frown, 22 to smile but only 1 to make a difference! Please see below for different ways to donate – every single donation counts! With your support, you’ll be helping us move a little closer towards our goal #powerof657 approximately one for every muscle in the human body!

Committed Giving

If you would like to make a regular donation, why not set up a monthly Direct Debit via our dedicated online donations form, go to Golden Giving. What’s brilliant is that Golden Giving will also automatically reclaim Gift Aid on your direct debit donations on behalf of our charity – simples!


Make a 'one off donation'


You can make a transfer, using our details below:

Account: 11569414
Sort code: 402413
Account name: The Muscle Help Foundation


Online Donation

You can make an online donation through Golden Giving.



Please make your cheque payable to The Muscle Help Foundation and send to:

The Muscle Help Foundation, PO Box 155, Buntingford, United Kingdom SG9 9XN


Thank you for your donation and for supporting #powerof657.

Any questions? Email