Ambassadors play a pivotal role – they help to further grow the charity’s nationwide Muscle Warrior tribal community that offers support but also gives past Muscle Dream beneficiaries and their families the opportunity to more fully engage with its STRONGER TOGETHER ethos.

  • They champion our work and help to attract vital new fans via the charity’s social channels
  • They directly support new beneficiaries and their families as their Muscle Dreams unfold
  • They lead by example in sharing their own life experiences
  • They bring their passion, energy and insight to our fundraising activities
  • They are brilliant communicators and very capable in speaking to the media
  • They represent the charity at events
  • They can educate, inform and inspire loyalty to our cause
  • They bring their talents and skills to the role
  • Their endorsement influences other potential future Ambassadors to be a part of our journey
  • They ‘own’ the opportunity and the ‘responsibility’ that comes from being an Ambassador
  • They know that they are at the heart of its ongoing evolution and future success

Our Ambassadors get what we do because they have directly experienced the transformational nature of our work.

Leah Booth

Public speaker and on-line blogger, Leah first became involved with The Muscle Help Foundation as a beneficiary on its 2015 Flying Muscle Dream Programme. Now, as an Ambassador, she not only promotes the work and impact of the charity but is also a support for future Muscle Dream beneficiaries.

Sulaiman Khan

Igniter of hearts creatively, a creative collaborator and adventurer, Sulaiman is an independent consultant, speaker and writer on Divergent Leadership, Creativity, and Inclusivity + Advocacy. He is the Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of ThisAbility, a network that supports the best creative disabled talent. Sulaiman has actively been supporting The Muscle Help Foundation for several years following his participation as a beneficiary of the charity’s flagship 2012 Games Inspired Muscle Dreams Programme.